GLBT Family Counseling

All of us have families of origin who were our original, biological families. All of us know instinctively to find new friends and loved ones that will eventually help us create our families of choice. Working with a gay male counselor or lesbian therapist who has gone through the process of deciding how to negotiate relationships with Sometimes they may even be the same family. For most of us, there is a combination of both. The one consistent - at times either family can be source of conflict and unrest. Our counselors can help when problems arise and/or you just want some extra support. Our counselors have experience working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-transsexual families and helping with the unique challenges that we face.

GLBT Counseling Specialties

Mixed Families & Lesbian Couples

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Located at the southern tip of Freeway Park and Interstate 5 on Sixth Avenue in downtown Seattle, the Park Place Building is at the intersection of the Financial District, First Hill and Capitol Hill. We provide coaching, counseling and therapy on a wide range of issues with a wide range of coaches, counselors and therapists.