GLBT Couples Counseling

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-transsexual couples coming into therapy are looking for Seattle counselors who not only can help them with issues and skill sets like the ones listed below but also has a personal experience of long term, successful relationships. If they are a female couple, it is much more authentic to hear perspectives from lesbian therapists who can understand the nuances of a female relationship. If they are a male couple, it is a much more congruent experience to be coached by gay male therapists who have also had to deal with the conflicts and challenges of making a successful relationship.

GLBT Counseling Specialties

Mixed Families & Lesbian Couples

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Located at the southern tip of Freeway Park and Interstate 5 on Sixth Avenue in downtown Seattle, the Park Place Building is at the intersection of the Financial District, First Hill and Capitol Hill. We provide coaching, counseling and therapy on a wide range of issues with a wide range of coaches, counselors and therapists.