Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Counseling of Seattle

We are Gay and Lesbian Counseling of Seattle: an intentional and diverse community of lesbian, transgendered and gay counselors. Our goal is to contribute resources back into our community that are flexible enough to meet the broad spectrum of LGBTQ needs. Based on our own personal and professional experience, our mission is to join with LGBTQ individuals in their process around identity, transition, relationship, work and community involvement as well as the myriad forms of sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, addictions, grief and loss. We are here to help - not to judge. Not only is judging unhelpful, as fellow human beings who have been through a lot of what you are going through, we are simply not in a place to do that.

They say that "Good Judgment Comes From Bad Experiences". On that basis alone, we should be Living Buddha's, but we're not. What our own personal histories have given us is a passion to help other folks with the GLBT flavor to the following issues:

A Happy Gay Couple

Insurance Reimbursement, Some Discounted Fee for Service Plans Available.
Day, Evening and Weekend Appointments.

Mixed Families & Lesbian Couples

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Gay & Lesbian Counseling of Seattle
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Located at the southern tip of Freeway Park and Interstate 5 on Sixth Avenue in downtown Seattle, the Park Place Building is at the intersection of the Financial District, First Hill and Capitol Hill. We provide coaching, counseling and therapy on a wide range of issues with a wide range of coaches, counselors and therapists.